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Your Path to Dream Living with Buckeye Real Estate Investment & Services Inc.
Nestled right here in the vibrant heart of Columbus, Ohio, an extraordinary opportunity awaits. Buckeye Real Estate Investment & Services Inc. isn’t your typical home builder; we’re your partners on the journey to making your dreams a reality. If you’re on the quest for a home that transcends the notion of mere living space and embodies a masterpiece, you’ve found your ideal destination. Our mission goes beyond constructing houses; it revolves around crafting unforgettable experiences. Our committed team at Buckeye Real Estate Investment & Services Inc. understands that your home isn’t just a physical space; it’s where your heart finds its sanctuary. We’re here to ensure it transforms into everything you’ve ever imagined.

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This phase includes constant monitoring and interaction. We keep an eye on budgets to ensure the lowest costs, stay on top of schedules for timely delivery, and work closely with the design team to create your vision.


Working with trusted subcontractors, we keep your job on schedule throughout the entire build. From sequence to production and quality control, we stay focused on the goal.


The last step in any build. This phase includes site cleanup, systems training, final inspections and move-in coordination. After completion, we have a final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction.


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